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SubjectForum Rules Reply to this message
Posted byGriking
Posted on02/04/02 05:05 PM

Off Topic Discussion Board Rules

Updated April 2, 2002

1) Please keep the swearing to a minimum. I can deal with a slip here and there but if it starts becoming personal
(swearing AT someone) I will take action. Also, definately no swearing in subject lines. I dont care what the word.

2) No images that wouldn't make it into a PG-13 movie.
This means no nudity and especially no Goatse type images.

3) No hard core conversation. Send it to the Penthouse Forum.

4) NEW - No Racism. I have no problem with people discussing current events such as war and religion.
But due to unfortunate incidents and people who like to push boundaries I will from now on BAN anyone who is offensive.
Yes, I understand that "offensive" is vague so maybe if you have any doubts you just shouldn't post it. Using racist
terms such as J*w, N***er, J*P, etc... is a definate no no.

I'm tired of all the recent crap with everyone screming about people being racist and offensive. I really don't
like banning people but enough is enough. If I have to ban people to keep peace here then from now on I will.

Remember, I'm a moderator, not a babysitter.

I reserve the right to change these rules as I see the need to do so.

Just keep it friendly here and nobody will have any problems.

BTW, I'm deleting all responses to this post and locking the thread.
If you want to comment on the new rules start a new post.

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