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SubjectRom Requests Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on01/17/05 02:51 PM

They're funny sometimes and they never end

Hey. I'm having a very hard time finding roms for the Final Burn emulator. I spent over an hour doing searches on Google and Yahoo and couldn't find anything. I had hoped to play Darkstalkers also known as Vampire Savior, which is listed in the Final Burn Game list. It tells me it requires these two zip files to load the game:
Do you know where I can find these two files? OR, Could you please send me a website(s) where I can download roms for the Final Burn emulator? Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!


The title of this one is YOU ARE A PIG FUCKER... nice ;)
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You computer specialists are often cold unfeeling people (having spent so much time dealing with a construction of wires, chips and electrodes) that you are unable to appreciate human nature and the less capable in computer literacy…

7 million hits and presumably an equally high number of downloads but what percentage of that number has it actually fully working and operable? Many would have downloaded your emulator with glee assuming they’d be playing the greats but have, alas, been bitterly disappointed (as they were unaware they needed ROMS or were unable to locate them). The point is it is unclear you need ROMS and that the search for these very ROMS is torture, it is your duty to notify potential users of those facts. Had you forewarned me then its my responsibility (and self-induced curse!) to go on the serpentine quest to find the ROMS!!

Once again ­ you could at least do the courtesy of linking a ROM site (as MAME and RAINE do) or do as I’ve suggested above, or many others will in their rash enthusiasm download Final Burn only to find its useless, absolutely useless, without ROMS..

And an oldy but a goodie

Hi, Dave.

First of all, let me congratulate you on your emulator!
You have managed to do something that had eluded the emulation scene since
it began: Emulate one of the greatest arcade games in history.

I worked a summer job at an arcade and by far, Afterburner 2 was (and still
is) my all time favorite game! Thanks!

On the other hand, I really do not understand how you can call your emulator
"FINAL" burn. Especially since you've not added all of the game's true and
original features. Don't get me wrong. You've done a great job as a
programmer, but still the game is not "Final" or 100% complete.

I know you get asked this a lot, but man... you need to add the dip switches
to AB-2! I think it's noble and all to give us a few more lives to play the
game, but even so, most of us are NOT able to beat this game with 1 credit
every time(or two which is what amounts with the lives you added). I HAVE
beaten the game with 1 credit countless times before. I mean I played this
sucker almost every day, and certainly the CONTINUE option does not "Kill"
the game for me as you claim. To me it enhances the playability as it gives
me another reason to hope and see those satisfying ending credits! If you'd
ask me, I'd leave the game the same way it is in the arcade: Only 3 lives,
all dipswitches enabled and be able to continue as many times as you need to
get to the end. After all, if we said that about EVERY other arcade emulator
game, where would we be at? Continuing the game by adding more credits does
NOT kill the game, just as one beer won't make you pass out. It's each
gamer's choice what and how they play their games. I used to see kids with
rolls of tokens dump 9 credits into the machine just to do a mindless play,
but most every other AB fan always used the continue as a tool, not a toy.
If not for the fans, then for whom are you creating this great emulator for?

So this is my plea, to you. You've brought us a great game and revived it
like no other. Now that we've tasted the sweets... we want the whole
enchilada! Make this a true and FINAL Burn for millions around the

Take care and best regards!

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and some more


Don't even bother coming back in four months.... Every game you have ever attempted at emulating in your poorly coded, obtuse, and mediocre at best emulator has turned out much better in MAME, a project run by real developers who want to preserve games.

Instead, your main concern appears to be worrying about your "internet reputation" and complaining over a couple people that renamed files so that they could -- good gosh! -- play one more game!! I agree it's a serious crime when emulation fans want to play games on their computer, and it's a personal attack against you when they use your progam to do it.

Your CPS2 driver is mostly based on the work of Raz and Sardu, so don't complain if somebody uses your work for something of their own -- its no different than what you yourself have done. Ordinarily I would have no problem with you leeching off of other people and taking credit for it as your own, but lately you have insulted numerous individuals and your attitude is hurting emulation more than helping it.

I hope you never return to the scene, but if you do, please try to grow up a little and act like an adult next time somebody armed with a batch file hax0rs Finalburn.


A few days ago I received an e-mail from one of your cohorts (splish or something) who softly ridiculed me for making complaints against the lack of clarity concerning the operation of your emulator.

I sought to answer him but alas deleted the e-mail and lost his address so you’ll have to relay this e-mail as you did my previous ones….

I feel that the ‘Final Burn’ web-site should make it abundantly plain (I’m talking on the Home page of the site) two things:-

1. The successful usage of the emulator is dependent on the downloading of another item(s) that the user will have to separately acquire.

2. To procure these ROMs means embarking on an enervating search that will see you frustrated when you are repeatedly thwarted by sites that contain the required ROMs but which you must be a signed-up member to utilise (that is if you can even find these!).

Whilst many may find these complaints quaint (to those that are proficient at computers and consequently know how to get what they want) they are pertinent for those that are new or are less able to understand the workings of what is an impassive tangle of wires/electronics.

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