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Subjecthaha nice! but a lil question Reply to this message
Posted byskydoune
Posted on01/19/05 04:50 AM

> Hi, Dave.
> First of all, let me congratulate you on your emulator!
> You have managed to do something that had eluded the emulation scene since
> it began: Emulate one of the greatest arcade games in history.
> I worked a summer job at an arcade and by far, Afterburner 2 was (and still
> is) my all time favorite game! Thanks!
> On the other hand, I really do not understand how you can call your emulator
> "FINAL" burn. Especially since you've not added all of the game's true and
> original features. Don't get me wrong. You've done a great job as a
> programmer, but still the game is not "Final" or 100% complete.
> I know you get asked this a lot, but man... you need to add the dip switches
> to AB-2! I think it's noble and all to give us a few more lives to play the
> game, but even so, most of us are NOT able to beat this game with 1 credit
> every time(or two which is what amounts with the lives you added). I HAVE
> beaten the game with 1 credit countless times before. I mean I played this
> sucker almost every day, and certainly the CONTINUE option does not "Kill"
> the game for me as you claim. To me it enhances the playability as it gives
> me another reason to hope and see those satisfying ending credits! If you'd
> ask me, I'd leave the game the same way it is in the arcade: Only 3 lives,
> all dipswitches enabled and be able to continue as many times as you need to
> get to the end. After all, if we said that about EVERY other arcade emulator
> game, where would we be at? Continuing the game by adding more credits does
> NOT kill the game, just as one beer won't make you pass out. It's each
> gamer's choice what and how they play their games. I used to see kids with
> rolls of tokens dump 9 credits into the machine just to do a mindless play,
> but most every other AB fan always used the continue as a tool, not a toy.
> If not for the fans, then for whom are you creating this great emulator for?
> So this is my plea, to you. You've brought us a great game and revived it
> like no other. Now that we've tasted the sweets... we want the whole
> enchilada! Make this a true and FINAL Burn for millions around the
> world!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Take care and best regards!
> Sam.

Maybe it's just because it's almost 5am and I still haven't slept, but I don't get this email. I've never tried After burner 2 as well, it might explain why I don't get it. So what, it doesn't have a continue option? And the guy kinda blames you? hey btw, I couldn't beat ssf2t on level 8 with your emulator so it's all your fault ;)

Oh and I didn't knew an emu needed roms, you should have told me so, I tought it emulated AIR damnit! damn you and your "not so final" burn!

ok I'll stop being sarcastic, that was some funny emails ;)

Testing underwear in outer space

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