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SubjectRe: haha nice! but a lil question Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on02/03/05 07:33 AM

> Maybe it's just because it's almost 5am and I still haven't slept, but I don't
> get this email. I've never tried After burner 2 as well, it might explain why I
> don't get it. So what, it doesn't have a continue option? And the guy kinda
> blames you?

Ah no - I confess, that was actually my fault! ;-)

Round about the time of "Atest4" (later After Burner Emu, later the infamous Final Burn) I hadn't yet programmed a dialog to change the dip switch settings, and just had them hardcoded to a value. And I realised that if you hardcoded them to Continue Option 'ON' it killed the game (you can just keep inserting coins and the plane eventually flies through all the explosions and finishes the game).

So I set the Continue Option to OFF, I love After Burner so much, I just couldn't bring myself to kill the game by allowing infinite credits.

Subsequent hate mail ensued and the option was added :-(

It would be nice in emulators to have hiscore tables related to a particular amount of credits (e.g. defaulting to 3 credits or so...). Repeatedly pressing '5' to win the game isn't fun :(

> hey btw, I couldn't beat ssf2t on level 8 with your emulator so it's
> all your fault ;)
> Oh and I didn't knew an emu needed roms, you should have told me so, I tought it
> emulated AIR damnit! damn you and your "not so final" burn!
> ok I'll stop being sarcastic, that was some funny emails ;)
> Testing underwear in outer space

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