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Subjectah ok I see! Reply to this message
Posted byskydoune
Posted on02/10/05 00:36 AM

Now I understand this stuff about AB. Some people are weird I guess, if I would have been that guy, maybe I could have sent an email or post somewhere "hum sorry but is this supposed to happen, a bug or something?" thinking maybe you just didn't see it, but I wouldn't have wrote something like he did. Hell, I remember when I used to have my old nick around here, I wrote you about a problem with the sidewinder dpad, I had problems doing moves, while I had none with pc versions of the games. I've been polite, and you replied, changed some code and in the end it all turned out ok. I mean, ok maybe you remember I had problems with your attitude, as well as some other people (something I don't want to talk about anyway), but I can respect people for what they do and be polite when I need help or see a possible bug. But then, I guess not everybody can do the same, some people just have to act like dicks and bother you, as well as other emu coders (and other people) with such emails. However, I think most of these must be noobs... kids these days, eh ;)

> It would be nice in emulators to have hiscore tables related to a particular
> amount of credits (e.g. defaulting to 3 credits or so...). Repeatedly pressing
> '5' to win the game isn't fun :(

Well at least there's games that when you continue, your score go back to 0, so if you use a continue every 2 mins, your high score will be low. You just gotta beat the game with one credit to get the best high score possible. It just kills me sometimes when I play a game and lose right before the final boss, especially when there's a big bonus when you beat him!

Damn... beer sure makes me talk a lot ;)

Testing underwear in outer space

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