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SubjectMaking software for MSX-DOS ( and CP/M) compatible systems. Reply to this message
Posted byPS_X1
Posted on05/10/07 01:45 PM

Making software for MSX-DOS (CP/M) compatible systems.

MSX is a semi-professional 8-bit computer and game system. There is even other versions like the 16/8 bit MSX Turbo R or the newer One Chip MSX.
With the addiction of a MSX Disk-Drive it is a Microsoft MSX-DOS compatible system, a CP/M like operating system. In fact most program written for CP/M should be able to run. Sure that most persons also know the Microsoft backward compatible (not 100% guaranteed).

It is surprising that even with a CP/M like system , the American companies missed the software business. Sure that the bad market about 8-bit systems caused some preconceptions about the things. Imagine if Digital Research had some deals with European and Japanese software distributor and software houses!

There is some C compilers available.
You can find a compiler here.
Execute this file on MS-DOS (You will need a IBM PC / AT compatible system).
The final file is a CP/M C compiler (Z80 compatible).
This could run on MSX-DOS , but only for very small programs. Ok, if you compile this into a CP/M emulator you could transfer the executable to a MSX-DOS formatted disk. In some cases a MS-DOS disk should work.

There is also other compilers.
Try this: