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SubjectOld school collectors (Unusual and rare) Reply to this message
Posted byGwonD
Posted on08/28/07 02:37 AM

I`m collecting old gaming junk, I actualy gave away my ps2 with 20games and my Xbox for a snes with a bunch of games and lots of nes games...

I have lots of stuff and I`m wondering... What is your rare, most unusual unique piece of your collection???

Mine might be:
-Sega saturn... not very good but it is dead...
-Virtual boy.... I have 2... it had a short life
-Atari 2600... I know i`m not the only one
-commodore 64... very old... but its still no big deal...
-On the Atari... I have Atlantis II... could be sold for 1200$... maybe
-On the virtual boy... Dimension War... my favorite unusual title...
- and my last one is the Nintendo Pad... with its box and I have the game Stadium events.

I`m not talking about roms... its old school console and cartridge... also, if you have a rare collectible (nothing over 1995) I might buy it from you.

also... I buy boxes and books without the game

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