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SubjectKatamari report Reply to this message
Posted byZeroKnightRaiden
Posted on09/30/04 12:05 PM

Impressive. Go bitch at Gamestop to get your copy, heh.


SubjectYeah, I barely got mine... new Reply to this message
Posted byEon_Blue
Posted on09/30/04 02:32 PM

At EB, they stock the shelves with empty cases. I walked in to the store, and saw some dude looking at the empty case - needless to say, I hate buying games that are already opened - what really burns me is that opening the game for the display shelf is not necessary.

So I went up to the counter, and happened to see the spine of the game case stacked among some other new releases (they keep the unopened copies of the games behind the register), so I asked for that one unopened copy specifically.

He grabbed it and said I was lucky, it was the last one. I don't know if they sell the opened display copy - my guess is that they do because they're cocksuckers - but if the guy that was looking at the game while I snapped it up from under him is anyone here, well, sorry. But it's your own fucking fault - you should know that Katamari Damacy is not a game that is purchased based on the cover art.

SubjectRe: Yeah, I barely got mine... new Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on09/30/04 06:42 PM

Yes at EB they DO sell you the open copy that the box everyone fingerfondles on the shelf as a NEW game as full price. They're too fucking cheap to get a spare like the empties that gamestop uses.

SubjectEB fucking sucks new Reply to this message
Posted bySnyderman
Posted on09/30/04 10:23 PM

My friend and I ordered some games from them. Katamari Damacy was pre-ordered. It arrived today. I ordered two used games from their online site on the 20th. Guess who doesn't have any games in the mail on the 30th? Their in-store sales are utter shit, everything there is Gamestop's price marked up two dollars. Their service is just horrid too. Everything in the PSX section is horrid quality, games are in crappy-ass holder boxes and the discs are crap condition.

This just fucking tears it. My friend bought a used game, A USED GAME!!! It is given to him in a slipcover with a piece of tape over the top. He returns it after finding out one of the disks is scratched to all hell and has writing on another (he got FF8). They told he couldn't return AN OPENED GAME. Because he took off a piece of tape from a fucking slipcover, no refund.

Fuck EB. Their service online is utter shit, and their game stores are horrid.

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