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SubjectBecause some people want fresh stuff Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on10/10/04 02:13 PM

Here's what I've been up to for the last few hours. I'd really appreciate it if these links didn't wind up on other webpages (hi, lurkers! this is mainly to you). If I start seeing shit getting hotlinked, it'll all get replaced with kids in sandbox. If you haven't seen Kids in Sandbox, just keep it that way.

Colony Wars Intro
Colony Wars: Vengence Intro
Colony Wars: Red Sun Intro
Guardian Heroes Intro
Katamari Damacy Intro
Megaman 8 Intro
Rising Zan Intro
Rockman 8 Intro
Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne Intro
Sonic CD Intro
Syndicate Wars Intro
Tales of Destiny Intro
Tales of Eternia Intro
Tales of Phantasia Intro
Wild Arms Intro
XCom Intro

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.Because some people want fresh stuff  RoushiMSX10/10/04 02:13 PM
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.*God, how I loved Wild Arms...*sigh* -nt-   Evildrak10/10/04 03:01 PM
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...*The SegaCD version sucked  RoushiMSX10/10/04 07:12 PM
...*perhaps it was like... the jappy version or smth [nt]  Joffeman10/10/04 03:57 PM
....*Re: yep -nt-  Evildrak10/10/04 03:58 PM
.....*so you're pat bateman now? [nt]  Joffeman10/10/04 04:31 PM
......*Re: C'mere Joffe, lemme introduce you to my BANANAPHONE -nt- unf  Evildrak10/10/04 05:40 PM