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SubjectRe: I'm just saying some proof is better than no proof Reply to this message
Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on10/22/04 08:27 AM

> I'm just saying some proof is better than no proof, in regards to receipts. At
> least there is a hope that the real numbers would be counted, it's better than
> no hope at all, if the electronic records are compromised it will be very
> difficult to get the original data back. With paper receipts you can do a
> manual recount.

I know, I was really just kidding. I think the best voting machines should be utilized.

> Given how serious some people are patriotically, and how democracy is some all
> american thing that the US is trying to bring to the world and prove it's the
> best system and everyone believes in it etc, isn't it ridiculous that this is
> the scenario in the USA? Sounds like the whole operation is just a joke. How
> fucked up.

I would say the opposite, given that we have intimate knowledge, in some cases, of the voting process, procedure, mechanics, logistics, and it's so highly contested. Like my reply to DK, how'd you like to live in a country where the government told you "Oh no, everything is fine, WE'VE never had a problem. ALL of our elections are ABSOLUTELY fair." Sure.

> Nobody's saying the parties are going to do it, but certainly some very talented
> hackers on either side could take it unto them as a personal duty or whatever.
> Look at how many people write viruses, I'm not sure how many of them work for
> McAffee or Symantec or whatever but I'm sure most virus writers don't. A lot of
> people do it for fame or for personal gain (SPAM etc), and I'm sure that there
> could be hackers with political motives as well.

Sure, but my point is, they're not going to all get together and decide on Bush to win, or Kerry to win, are they? It'll all even out.


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