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SubjectWeird stances on politics Reply to this message
Posted byHalcyon
Posted on10/25/04 01:55 PM

I've been reading political crap on a bunch of forums or comments to news stories and all that and there is always a lot of yelling. It occurred to me that a lot of people have an everything-or-nothing stance on the person they're going to vote for. The citizen takes the preferred political guy and starts defending everything about them, even if they don't agree with them they'll just make up an excuse, just because they want them to win.

So it becomes a competition between its citizens instead of its politicians. Really what people should be demanding of their future potential presidential candidates is changes on the policies they don't like.

People argue it's really a decision between the democrat and republican party, and it's one or the other but they're both bad, you're just choosing the one that "sucks less." OK, whatever. Why do people simply accept the politician's sucky plans for issues along with the good ones? Why don't supporters of the politician go "OK, we like what you're doing here, but if you just change these other things then you'll be even better."

Instead supporters are defending the politician's stupid decisions and then they have to live with them later, just so they can stand up to their friends and go "You're voting for the wrong guy, vote for my guy, he's perfect already! No, you're wrong, this decision isn't bad, or well, the other guy's doing that so who cares if one or two things are bad?"

I mean wtf? Shouldn't you be demanding perfection from your leader? Too many people are letting politicians in general get away with a lot of stupid decisions. And the voters aren't doing their job, they're not voicing their concern and instead just dealing with it or whatever.

A lot of Bush people are going to protest Kerry's bad decisions and vice versa, but still, it would send a more powerful message if the people who supported Bush didn't support his bad decisions and the people who supported Kerry didn't support his bad decisions.

I guess people are just too afraid to swallow their pride and speak out against their preference, and admit there may be a downside to a personal choice they made. Well that's selling out. You're not standing up for your beliefs, instead you're standing up for someone else's beliefs and putting some of yours aside.

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