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Subjectthe voters arent doing their job? Reply to this message
Posted bydean
Posted on10/25/04 07:03 PM

are you kidding? they dont even know who to vote for! their knowledge doesnt extend much beyond the two mainstream parties. because you vote for a person, you have to vote for all of their personality... if our media showed more candidates, more different viewpoints that were not as nheavily influenced by what makes money / sells cnadidates, i guarantee you that we'd have "better voting decisions" but in all honesty, when you have no choice but to vote for two (or a third, hopeless candidate) i can''t expect you to vote rationally at all.

our system is all or nothing for two or three sets of opinions. people decide who they like best, and defend all their ideas - they try as best they can to get their favourite to win, in other words. why doesnt this work? notr because people aren't objective, more because peopel feel that their onny hope to affect the political world is through manipulation of their peers.

lo que sucede sucede

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