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SubjectGet on DC plz! -nt- O_o Reply to this message
Posted byWild Guardian
Posted on10/26/04 10:44 PM

> A fucking cabbie ran into me at an intersection, nothing major, just a fender
> bender. He hit me in the driver's side, between the door and wheel, so the door
> is jammed and the wheel is grazing on the chassis that was bent inward, making
> left hand turns very ill-advised if i intend to keep the tire in working order.
> Now me and my sister are on foot because some dumbass cabbie can't fucking have
> the preferential and the asshole rams me from the side because he feels he has
> to stop in the middle of the fucking street to see if there's anybody coming?!
> The street is 2-way, with cars parked on both sides and just wide enough to let
> 2 cars pass on each way, while trying not to graze the parked cars, so you gotta
> appreciate just how much the dipshit overshot the crossing.
> FUCK, i was late for an appointment already, so i just exchanged all the info
> and now i'll have to wait for his dumb ass to straighten himself with his cab
> company and contact me. If he even tries to fuck me over i'll crucify his ass, i
> was driving a friend of mine back to work, i've got a witness. >:-(
> Sorry, just had to vent. Damn car wasn't even a year old, i've been driving it
> for less than 6 months, it didn't really need to be christened like that,
> specially while i was driving it. :-(
> Gives us a kiss precious.

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