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SubjectThe MPAA is giving me flak -mt- need help Reply to this message
Posted byTheFett
Posted on10/29/04 02:14 PM

Apparently, my IP address has been logged as doing some serious movie downloading via KaZaA Lite. They as yet do not know my name. Has anyone else received notices from the RIAA or MPAA or ESA (formerly IDSA)?

Suggestions for masking my IP address? According to an e-mail I received, most IP masking software is ineffective, especially since I'm on a college campus. I use KaZaA mostly because DC++ is difficult to work with (you guys are rarely on and you don't really have the movies I'm looking for and the other forums have shitty rules, erratic downloads, and few open slots if any).

I'd use BitTorrent if I knew how. Anyway, the movies are Disney movies, but the only on they could pin on my was "Beauty and the Beast." I'm planning on putting everything on CD and wiping it off the face of my hard drive and laying low for a few months. Suggestions for avoiding future problems with the MPAA? Thanks guys.

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..*The Motion Picture Association of America sent my school a warning  TheFett10/29/04 05:57 PM
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