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Subjectnor should you be Reply to this message
Posted byJoffeman
Posted on10/29/04 05:22 PM

the problem was your method of retrieving it, and then the fact that you apparently had it shared on the network afterwards/during the download. use something like peerguardian if you must use the kazaa network. still, trading high-visibility stuff like disney films or disney film soundtracks is a dangerous thing as far as the mpaa or riaa's wrath.

luckily, the mpaa isn't about to sue your struck ass like the riaa would. they complain to your isp at this point, your isp is the one you have to worry about- laying low for a bit is a good idea. if you need to trade files for the next few months, you should do it in a private place like a dc hub that isn't open to the public- or download shit from usenet. bittorrent is a bad idea for mainstream films [but a worse idea for major label music], and i wouldn't trust it even with known anti-piracy spy ips filtered to trade that stuff. if you must use bittorrent, use a private tracker that requires registration- this will also require that you share as much as you download, most likely, though that doesn't seem to be a problem if the mpaa nailed you for sharing.


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