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SubjectSend them teh new private message!!! -nt- *F* you!!!!! Reply to this message
Posted bylux_92886
Posted on10/29/04 06:42 PM

> All these files are on my laptop, so I could hide it in a locker or something
> and they'd never be able to prove a damn thing. My PC would be searched, nothing
> would be found (not even a file sharing program), apology accepted, have a nice
> day. But the MPAA is not the RIAA, in that they are quite nice and they give you
> warnings, as in "please stop doing illegal stuff." Being a fan of the MPAA, and
> not wishing to hurt their feelings, I shall humor them.
> But the odds of me being in trouble are slim. As long as they can't track
> anything else, nobody'll say a damn thing. I mean, seriously, ONE MOVIE? Get
> real.
> It's weird that they're targeting my school, as we are very small, and our
> copyright violation specialist told me that several people were being targeted
> this week, AS IF WE WERE UNDER DIRECT INSPECTION. Frankly, I don't know if
> that's true or just conspiracy theory stuff ("Well, Frank, let's check out
> everything Random University is downloading today. Hey, look-- Beauty and the
> Beast. Let's nail this sucker."). If you play dumb long enough, I think they'll
> go away.
> Thanks for being concerned, though.
> > Use Norton Wipeinfo, then tell them to fuck off, and you don't know shit about
> > it. Or just ignore them from here on. If you're on a Campus, you'll have no
> > problem making it look like someone used your computer without your knowledge.
> > Use the fact, that the "burden of proof" is their problem. Do your downloads
> > somewhere else, or get some other sap to do it.
> >
> > I think any settlement they've got so far they've bullied out of people
> (little
> > girls). Tell them I did it and they can lick the sweat off my shaved balls.
> >
> > > Apparently, my IP address has been logged as doing some serious movie
> > > downloading via KaZaA Lite. They as yet do not know my name. Has anyone else
> > > received notices from the RIAA or MPAA or ESA (formerly IDSA)?
> > >
> > > Suggestions for masking my IP address? According to an e-mail I received,
> most
> > > IP masking software is ineffective, especially since I'm on a college
> campus.
> > I
> > > use KaZaA mostly because DC++ is difficult to work with (you guys are rarely
> > on
> > > and you don't really have the movies I'm looking for and the other forums
> have
> > > shitty rules, erratic downloads, and few open slots if any).
> > >
> > > I'd use BitTorrent if I knew how. Anyway, the movies are Disney movies, but
> > the
> > > only on they could pin on my was "Beauty and the Beast." I'm planning on
> > putting
> > > everything on CD and wiping it off the face of my hard drive and laying low
> > for
> > > a few months. Suggestions for avoiding future problems with the MPAA? Thanks
> > > guys.
> > >
> > >
> > > Fett seal of approval™
> > >
> >
> >
> >
> Fett seal of approval™

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