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SubjectWhat OS you is Reply to this message
Posted byHalcyon
Posted on10/30/04 01:30 PM

You are OS2-Warp. You're plagued by feelings of abandonment and disgust for your backstabbing step-brother.  Oh, what might have been.
Which OS are You?

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Subject  Posted byPosted On
.What OS you is  Halcyon10/30/04 01:30 PM
.*I look better than my older brother  dean10/31/04 05:35 PM
..*haha, shave that goddamned durst shit and i'll agree. [nt]  Joffeman10/31/04 06:17 PM
.*OS2/Warp  Terry Bogard10/31/04 09:32 AM
.*it didnt come out right, but it's 98 -nt- pl0p  Buveed10/30/04 07:49 PM
.*HAW WinXP  Eon_Blue10/30/04 04:50 PM
..*same here -nt-   newsdee10/30/04 09:14 PM
..*No way Jose....  Evildrak10/30/04 05:09 PM
.*Amiga OS LOL  SatsuNoHiTo10/30/04 04:17 PM
.*As a Linux user, I'm shocked.  LordEvilElmo10/30/04 03:51 PM
..*Lol, a Linux user who can't link nt  Griking10/30/04 06:47 PM
...*Me, I just hit 'post'  LordEvilElmo10/31/04 08:02 AM
...*The original link they give is fucked beyond imagination.  Death Knight10/30/04 07:35 PM
.*amiga os -nt-  IkariWarrior10/30/04 03:40 PM
.*os/2 warp.. but.. meh..   Ti-BOne10/30/04 03:13 PM
..*Start > Run > CMD > ALT+Enter! -nt-  Halcyon10/30/04 05:37 PM
.*Ha  itchyNADZ10/30/04 02:52 PM
..*Same *nt* I think I got Win98 two years ago *nt* Movin' on up *nt* .inf  wildcat10/30/04 03:06 PM
.*Re: What OS you is  Death Knight10/30/04 02:19 PM
.*Palm -nt- ironic, really  ChachiSqrPants10/30/04 01:46 PM
..*same here -nt-  skydoune10/30/04 01:50 PM