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SubjectRe: Oh yeah, originals Reply to this message
Posted byskydoune
Posted on10/30/04 06:14 PM

> Well I definitely don't have to worry about that! ;) Just don't wanna pay for
> Live, fuck that shit. Seriously, I have no problem with buying games. I just
> hate subscriptions.

Is it true that ps2 owners don't have to pay to play online?

> Oh ok :) Well I don't blame you, it's annoying unless you've got some graphical
> tool where you can just plunk in a folder name. NFS is more supported in that
> situation, that's why I wonder if XBMC will support that soon, that would rock.

Eh, guess I don't know what nfs is, sounds like need for speed to me! XBMC supporting windows file sharing system is enough for anyone, I just don't know why some people want smb so badly.

> I like DVD region X except for the controls... :) I

The controls, yeah, it gets some time to get used to it. I like dvd region X, except that I would have like an option to resize the display. The display is always oversized a little with my xbox, so I love that option in XBMC, if only it could play dvds better. In games most of the times I don't care though, some have that option, some you just don't care. Eh I got an example of this, in Street Fighter anniversary on xbox, in the classic sf2 game, I can cleary see that the sides are way off my screen, I see only half of my character icon for example. When I play ssf2x on the dreamcast however, it's a perfect fit! Too bad there's no option in the xbox dashboard or whatever where it would be, all we have is your type of tv, letterboxed, normal, etc.

> A dongle is a piece of hardware that the software won't run without, in the
> X-Box's case the dongle is the IR module that you stick in the controller port.

Ah yes, I've seen a few of those dongles, we called them hardware keys. A friend of mine got an hold on a collection of car related cds, you have the full specs of almost every car that's made, really an amazing collection, but it's worth a lot of money! They have that hardware key, well, dongle with to render copying pretty useless. He tried to crack the code without success, eh, the good old days of cracking a bbs door is long gone ;)

So anyway, I've seen a new player on xbox-scene that is said to support the dongle, so I guess it does support the remote control.

Now I guess I'll have to check for a dvd player that has the option to resize the video, not just zoom it.

Moon the world

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