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SubjectVideo CDs new Reply to this message
Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on11/01/04 11:05 AM

So, I don't have a DVD burner yet. I've been burning TV shows to video CDs. Just used the features in Nero for the first time yesterday. Found out that I can change the titles, thumbnails or not, header and footer, and background image. Works pretty well.

My question - Is there another program or another way in Nero that I can make this more interactive? The default schemes look pretty lame. Also, you can't select videos using the direction buttons. You have to press button 1 or 2 (if there's two videos on there) to select which to play.

Also, Nero takes a pretty long time converting from .avi to .mpg before it burns. Are other programs faster, or do they all depend on CPU?



SubjectRe: Video CDs Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on11/01/04 09:14 PM


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