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Subjectand this is good. Reply to this message
Posted byJoffeman
Posted on11/03/04 00:39 AM

what you don't know is how 4 more years of this bullshit being blamed on the republicans 'right' rather than the democrats 'left' will make the revolution so much easier for us.


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*heh looks like bush will win  Trizae11/02/04 10:15 PM
.*Re: heh looks like bush will win  VmprHntrD11/03/04 00:02 AM
...and this is good.  Joffeman11/03/04 00:39 AM
...*'us' being the true left, not the democrats  Joffeman11/03/04 00:39 AM
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.*If Kerry wins I will officially pimp out my girlfriend -nt-  Trizae11/02/04 11:00 PM
..*I'm officialy interested -nt-  skydoune11/02/04 11:49 PM
...*I'm officially rooting for bush *nt*  wildcat11/02/04 11:57 PM
...*done she's a fine motherfucker so we'll see -nt-  Trizae11/02/04 11:51 PM
.*ehh dunno, there's still quite a few states that haven't posted -nt-  SatsuNoHiTo11/02/04 10:44 PM
.*The "battleground states" still haven't tallied the counts yet  Snowball 211/02/04 10:17 PM
..*What's all that 150 vs 112 shit -nt-  Halcyon11/02/04 10:19 PM
...*each state is worth a # of points, get 270 to win -nt- a winner is you!  skydoune11/02/04 10:23 PM
...*Electoral College -mt- Goes the way of the popular vote  lux_9288611/02/04 10:21 PM
.*yay let the world hate america for another 4 years  skydoune11/02/04 10:16 PM
..*51% to 48% Bush...still to close to call -nt-  lux_9288611/02/04 10:35 PM