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Subjectyep, scandals, scandals!! Reply to this message
Posted byskydoune
Posted on11/03/04 06:28 PM

here's an example of today's news
on canada.com
and on cbc

the prime minister will be called to testify at this commission

it's been like this for quite a while, he wasn't even elected prime minister when this scandal came out

everyone knew it, we hear about it in the news at least once a week, still, he got elected because canadian feel like they don't have any other choice than vote liberal... hm sorry, ontarians to be more precise ;) So the government can do all these beautiful things, but now at least they are a minority government, there's hope!

as for the income tax evasion, that's just another one of the scandals that make canada so beautiful, our prime minister is so intelligent that he didn't paid his income taxes, how sweet!

i'm lovin' it

Moon the world

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