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SubjectShakin' all over Reply to this message
Posted bypostamessage
Posted on11/04/04 11:51 PM

Here's a killer way of entering trance that I have used a lot. Use it for going on spirit journeys and for performing conjure in the etheric realms.

1) Stand in a large room or outside - or anywhere spacious where you won't be disturbed or overlooked by prying eyes.

2) Relax your body and mind. Still the internal chatter.

3) Slowly and gently start to shake. Begin with your hands or feet. Let yourself tremble. At first you will have to consciously make yourself shake. In the long run, though, it is good to let it happen unconsciously. Kind of let your body shake of its own accord.

4) Imerse yourself in shaking. Sometimes your shaking will be forceful; other times gentle. Try and let it happen naturally.

5) One you are shaking all over, you can journey to spirit realms, perform spells, or simply enjoy this state of body/mind trance and relaxation.

6) To exit the shaking trance, just let the trembling gradually subside. When it has, count down from five to one, and say: "Wide awake." If you began with a six direction crossroads ritual, or cleansing rite, then run through the closing.


P.S. If anyone uses the shaking trance for a love spell or lover back spell - performed in the etheric realm - let me know how effective it was.