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SubjectBrain Potential Lifting Power Reply to this message
Posted bypostamessage
Posted on11/04/04 11:54 PM

Some Anti-Brain folk like to say that the common folk-say that
"We only use 10% of our brain" is un-true, and a myth.

Some smarter neurologists have compared brain "use" to lifting weights--

A 90 pound weaking can lift, say, only a 25 pound barbell.

He is using all of his muscle mass.

So, then are we to say that this individual's human body is only
capable of lifting a 25 pound barbell, and that this human is using
"all" of his strength?

I suppose.

But it says nothing of potential.
Talk to Arnold about what is possible with the body.

So it goes with the brain.
It is unlimited.

That we use "only 10%" of our brain-- this is too generous.
Any portion of infinite potential- is infinitely too small to calculate.



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