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Subjectno problem bob Reply to this message
Posted bySilentAce
Posted on11/05/04 01:17 PM

If you want some input i can give you some. But no matter how much people bitch and moan nothing is going to change. No one can tell anyone if bush got information or not. If he chose to fuck up or not. No one knows but bush and maybe a few other people under him. Choices are made for a reason... bush didn't just say here flip this coin and if its heads we goto war and if not i will work on welfare and economy for the next 6 months. I am sick of people bitching about how fucking bad bush is. EVERY PRESIDENT HAS TO DO SHIT THAT PEOPLE WON'T LIKE! and to say what this website says that 49% of people hate bush is total bullshit. I can say for sure that not all that voted for kerry hate bush. Hell i would say about half if not more just liked kerry more... they like his views and how he wanted to govern us... not that they hated bush. Fucking cock whores /end uneducated rant

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