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SubjectRe: I'm sorry that 49% of the US citizens are emo hippies. Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on11/06/04 02:11 PM

> I don't understand why they don't just leave the US if they don't like it here.
> Hundreds of years ago people didn't like living in Europe so they moved to North
> America. Today's complainers should migrate themselves elsewhere if they don't
> like how the country is run.
> The only thing I really dislike about the US is the rising number of people that
> won't accept responsibility for their own actions. Stupid lawsuits because
> someone hurt themselves doing something they shouldn't have.

Couldn't agree more with you on both points. Also mentioned in the post just above, it's hardly a 4year speed bump. For about 2 decades now or so despite of Clinton, the Democrat party has been losing a lot of support and have lost their focus on a true party stance. Due to their backbiting, desire to tax more yet not fix anything, and their apparant lack of a direction for morals it's cost them. The nation on the whole is moderate but to a conservative side of things, much more so with any form of christian belief system in place in many too. Due to this the republican part with (despite bush + deficit) desire to balance books (see: rep congress first years under clinton with/Contract w/ America), morality, christian influence, national security strength, want for tort reform, want for killing frivolous lawsuits, and want for lowering taxes and removing the horrid marriage and death tax (which is up for permanent approval in the next year or two) the party looks VERY favorable to many more than Democrats.

Up until the mid-80s to 90 it was a documented fact more people were democrat and, the more people who turned out to vote, the more seats the democrats would win in congress. Since the early-mid 90s it's shifted to the opposite. And now with the senate being like 4 seats short of an unopposed majority, and the house not much behind... it proves the balance of power has shifted for some time to come. If the democrats can form a new STRONG party line, stick to it, be less hateful, and appeal more to the center... the rep's will get owned in kind. Just wait 2 years I predict the congress seats up then will break even or get another +1 or something republicans in both.

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