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SubjectTell me about it... Reply to this message
Posted byDeath Knight
Posted on11/26/04 03:21 PM

Even MAME seems to have gone sloppy. Nothing on the "offical" WIP, patched released every other day with the slightest of changes, truckload of non-working games enabled, completly unplayable speeds.
I haven't bothered to check if any games i'd be interest in have been added since about .81-.83
I guess there's just no more great breakthroughs for emulation anymore, it's just downhill from now on. That and the emulation of newer systems. I'm still waiting for someone to start an N64 emu from scratch to rival the likes of ZSNES, GENS, VBA and what-not. I think about 20-35% of the N64's library must still be unplayble through emulation.

Gives us a kiss precious.

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