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SubjectI want my CPS-3 -nt- Dire Straights Reply to this message
Posted byLordEvilElmo
Posted on11/27/04 02:44 PM

Ironic turn of events.

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...I want my CPS-3 -nt- Dire Straights  LordEvilElmo11/27/04 02:44 PM
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..*hahahaahhaahahhaah -mt-  Ti-BOne11/26/04 11:13 AM
.*damnnit that was fun...   Ti-BOne11/26/04 10:12 AM
..*Tell me about it...  Death Knight11/26/04 10:21 AM
...*Re: Tell me about it...  VmprHntrD11/26/04 04:37 PM
...*they're getting ready for the system 16 party [nt]  Terry Bogard11/26/04 10:23 AM
....*shinobi ? to hell with it.. i want SMGP! -nt-  Ti-BOne11/26/04 11:12 AM
..*omg, da sk3n3 1z d3ad 0nc3 aga1n :(  Terry Bogard11/26/04 10:18 AM
.*You can thank Snyderman for the two best quotes  Ryu_Saotome11/26/04 02:42 AM
..*it was snyder? damn!  skydoune11/26/04 03:03 AM
...*Inspectah caused that CPS2 second coming a while back  Ryu_Saotome11/26/04 03:50 AM
....*Yes, and how me and 2 others got screwed on our SFZ2A(Jap) donation -nt- Hoonland  Johnick11/27/04 11:03 AM
.....*haha, I forgot about that NT fuckin hoonland  Ryu_Saotome11/27/04 07:26 PM
...*Hahaha, good times. That was great -nt-  Snyderman11/26/04 03:31 AM
.*and it's getting better by the minute!  skydoune11/26/04 00:57 AM
..*I think its hillarioius that Raz is getting bashed by Haze NT  Ryu_Saotome11/26/04 02:43 AM
...*and that he believes someone still cares about his XORs [nt]  Terry Bogard11/26/04 09:08 AM
.*Neo Geo  RoushiMSX11/25/04 11:44 PM
..*eFront  KrAcKeR11/26/04 00:22 AM
...*Swampgas  RoushiMSX11/26/04 00:27 AM
....*Lycia? *nt* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH *nt* ZE BLEACH *nt* IT DOEZ NOSSING  wildcat11/26/04 00:41 AM
.....*PH34R DA YELLOW TEEF NT  Ryu_Saotome11/26/04 02:25 AM
......*he fell in love with himself? -nt not that far of a stretch  KrAcKeR11/26/04 07:45 PM
..*Re: Neo Geo  skydoune11/25/04 11:51 PM
...*PA was hosted (and fucked) by teckel. Hence the comic *nt*  wildcat11/26/04 00:45 AM
....*I remember VGN spillting because Timmy is a dickhead  Ryu_Saotome11/26/04 02:18 AM
....*another comic about timmy  skydoune11/26/04 00:53 AM