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SubjectI like how they were so desperate, they called an adventure game an RPG Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on11/28/04 06:16 PM

It's like the fans were so desperate to have an RPG to call their own, that they classified OoT as an RPG. How laughable.

Hybrid Heaven has a shit load of flaws (enable high res mode... lol @ framerate) but the combat system is quite nice. It's a shame so much of it sucks.

the Japanese scene for the N64 was just as bad as the US scene, unfortunatly. I'll never understand the love for Sin & Punishment (maybe because I found games like GI Joe, Rambo, and Cabal boring back when they came out, so a 3d version was destined to do nothing for me) outside of blatant Treasure-fanboys and I'll never understand why anyone would want to have the N64 version of Bangaioh over the Dreamcast version (ohh, slowdown! sweet!). Japophiles.

Rare's output wasn't the best either. They had some quality games here and there, but they never really had a grasp on how to churn out a game devoid of slowdown. Then again, it's not like the N64 had the best hardware design in the world. "lol, let's have one CPU do everything! we're so smart!"

It's a shame Rare wasn't developing on the Saturn and Playstation. Something tells me Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Jet Force Gemini could have turned out a hell of a lot better on those systems instead of being crippled by the N64's hardware. And what the fuck? Remaking Conker's Bad Fur Day instead of Perfect Dark? Assclowns.

Let's hope Perfect Dark gets remade at some point. That game could be quite awesome with a decent engine (capable of pulling a framerate out of the 20s and not dipping into the teens), decent graphics (that aren't a muddy mess) and some decent multiplayer (that's not restricted to split screen deathmatch). Oh my, I think I filled the cup.

Shit, and while I'm dreaming of games that'll never get made, how about a Blast Corps 2? Blast Corps was one of the best god damn games of that entire generation. Katamari Damacy is about the closest game of this generation to come to it unless you count pieces of poop like Godzilla for the Dreamcast. If there's one thing that Katamari Damacy proved, it's that owning the world piece by piece in an well designed objective-based setting is still every bit as fun in 2004 as it was in 1996.

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