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SubjectPerfect Dark 2 is almost done Reply to this message
Posted byHalcyon
Posted on11/28/04 08:20 PM

I agree with what you said about everything (especially shitty design of N64 hardware, they could have done SO much more if they only changed a few tiny things as well!!!!!!!!!! MAJOR fuckup).

I was going to write that stuff about lol @ RPGs as well, but then I thought that would get people pissed off at me because of my earlier comments on RPGs.

I have to address this though:

> Let's hope Perfect Dark gets remade at some point.

That was actually Rare's primary focus. The reason it took so long was it was going to come out for the PS2 originally (which was Rare's post-Cube target, as it had the largest market), but now it's scheduled for the X-Box. This would have been the killer FPS for PS2, but MS bought out Rare due to lack of talent and for strategic reasons such as this. Now it's been a while that Rare has been with MS and doing practically nothing, or so it seems, because they had to port all their shit over from various other consoles.

It was going to be released for Christmas but that would conflict with Halo 2 sales, which is why MS and Rare remained quiet as shit about it (Halo 2 was supposed to be released earlier as well, but that got delayed so PD2 did too). You saw MS's Halo 2 numbers, they really wanted that point to get across, and they didn't want anything to stop it so they were holding back other games to make Halo 2 seem more appealing.

Anyway, PD is almost done or done, and will be released probably after E3, and hyped to hell and back leading up to and during E3, and the excuse for holding it up will be "we're putting the finishing touches on it!"

Either that or it will be released before E3, if MS decides to concentrate on X-Box Next at E3, but I don't know how that will play out. The X-Box doesn't seem to have many blockbusters scheduled for next year outside of PD2. But you can believe that X-Box Next will be THE priority for MS, but they want to do it so they don't quash enthusiasm for current X-Box purchases.

On one hand, they really want to build up hype for X-Box Next, even at the cost of X-Box purchases, because the next generation is really what will count for MS. On the other hand, they don't want to reduce the hype the X-Box has going on, because it is on this that gamers will base their expectations for the X-Box 2. MS will probably end up concentrating on both at E3 to make it seem like everything is coming up roses for MS.

Anyway, they'll find out what makes the most sense. They'll probably bring out Forza Motorsport at the same time also, so that it seems like the X-Box Next will have some sort of Gran Turismo clone. They have yet to wow people with japanese games, arcade games, or RPGs though, but maybe MS will pick up the slack along the way by announcing a Squaresoft deal for X-Box Next. If that happens, they will probably seal the deal for X-Box Next.

Those fuckers.

> That game could be quite
> awesome with a decent engine (capable of pulling a framerate out of the 20s and
> not dipping into the teens), decent graphics (that aren't a muddy mess) and some
> decent multiplayer (that's not restricted to split screen deathmatch). Oh my, I
> think I filled the cup.

It has potential, but with all of the good Rare guys having left to make the TimeSplitters series, who knows if they can pull it off. The N64 wasn't good enough for Perfect Dark's concepts, and now I'm afraid Perfect Dark 2's concepts aren't good enough for the X-Box. MS won't let it be a flop, but I don't think it'll be the definitive Rare shooter everyone's been looking for.

> Shit, and while I'm dreaming of games that'll never get made, how about a Blast
> Corps 2? Blast Corps was one of the best god damn games of that entire
> generation.

Yeah that would be cool...

> If there's one thing that Katamari Damacy proved, it's that owning the world
> piece by piece in an well designed objective-based setting is still every bit
> as fun in 2004 as it was in 1996.

It also shows that your game doesn't have to be true to life, realistic, edgy, or any of that garbage. It just has to have a fun concept, and be inspired instead of engineered.

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