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SubjectTimesplitters Reply to this message
Posted byHalcyon
Posted on11/28/04 08:47 PM

> The Timesplitters games are garbage, though.

The single player portion sucked. The level design was good, but the pacing and difficulty was fucked up. The game had a steep learning curve, with no reward for going through it.

> There's a few decent levels in
> Timesplitters 2, but for the most part the games are just crap.

> They control poorly

I think the game controls great, and it's the most accurate the PS2 analog sticks can get considering the dead zone, but that doesn't even bother me in this game. I think it's pretty damn accurate.

> the multiplayer deathmatch is more like multiplayer gimmickmatch

But is it really any different than Goldeneye? I think that's what these people were aiming for, Goldeneye on crack.

> the bots are retarded

Were they any good on the N64?

> the mission designs are totally hit n' miss


> the save game system is awful


But all that aside, you can tell where the Rare talent got split up. These were essential to the whole FPS team, and I think if TimeSplitters suffered but had its good points, the same will happen with Perfect Dark 2, and it won't really be perfect at all.

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