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Subjectrofllolahakhakp and shit Reply to this message
Posted byHalcyon
Posted on12/01/04 03:08 AM

This all seems a little too incredible to be true. You'd think this shit would make the papers, I'm laughing my ass off and if I found out about this I wouldn't keep it a secret! I didn't read far enough yet (I'm partway through the black time, haha) but man someone else besides this guy must have known about this, and how the hell does this stay a secret?

Anyway perhaps the person writing this is just an aspiring author and wants to see what reactions this type of thing illicits, whether his writing is believable or whatever. Call me a skeptic...

OH, well, I guess if you think about something, out of all of the billions of people ever, someone probably did it somewhere, sometime, so this could very well be true...

The CAer in me is thinking "I wonder what kind of google adwords this would turn up"

Edit 1:

Also, for a fun fact, I wonder how much shit this guy inhaled, since smell is basically just molecules of the matter that smells entering your nose. By the sounds of the story I bet it would be at least 1/2 a cup? Heh

Edit 2:

Ahahahah "If my room is the fortress of light, his is the fortress of evil. And feces."

Man I can't take much more of this

Edit 3:

Man the ending was kind of a letdown. I'd like to see newspaper stories, court documents and shit... I'd laugh to see what the judge thought of this...

Why wasn't this guy writing this dragged into court too, if not just to say his account of what happened?

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