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SubjectCrooked Game Review Sites Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on12/01/04 10:58 PM

Any of you here ever look at sites that do news and reviews at all anymore on the web? I was poking around a bit trying to find info on a game today and came across something pretty bad. There's this site called 1up.com and apparantly it's owned by Ziff Davis: AKA EGM mag, and is staffed by some of them too. Well 10 years ago or today it still appears whatever the system they still shill for Sony alone and make it clear in reviews.

A great example of it though was for Ridge Racer on DS. They opened it up saying they wished for the PSP game, and said the DS one was any indication, then Namco showed their love. Funny though as considering today they said Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos to be on DS in 2005, and on GBA Driller2, Ace Combat, Klonoa 2, and others to hit the GBA by mid-year.

Anyways the review is not one, it's a sham, all it does is complain about the controls and the lack of analog as the analog on the screen they didn't like, and they said the N64 drift model it uses is unusable. Funny thing is 1) the N64 control many like a lot, and the BIg #2) PSP's analog nub has no selfcentering either, so it handles exactly like analog on the DS touchpad.

Got to love the bias. Ya think they already got some PSPs and precopies of shit to help them think so much 'clearer' perhaps?

Here check this joke out 2.5/10: