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SubjectVideo games are fucking stupid, that's why Reply to this message
Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on12/13/04 01:45 PM

> When i heard that the Doom movie would be about an alien invasion of some earth
> base i just lost faith in any possibility of hollywood making a decent game to
> movie adaptation.

Of course they strip down every video game and make it into something else, because, well, a game like doom had all of a paragraph of story.

> I guess games just haven't been around long enough and reached a point in which
> they can be considered the 8th art as the movies came to be the 7th. Maybe in a
> couple of decades they'll get more respect.

I believe they can be considered an art. Maybe they don't have the respect of other art forms, but whatever. But that doesn't have anything to do with the movie industry. The Hollywood system has been butchering other art forms for years, why would video games be any different?

The difference is - VIDEO GAMES ARE FUCKING STUPID. And don't gimme any of that bullshit about Oooh - Final Fantasy XXXIVIXIXICIXIXIVIXIXIVIXCCC had such a great character arc. They're fucking idiotic. They're fucking comic book's retarded cousins.

Oh sure, you've got games like Metal Gear that have some semblance of moving along like a movie that do pretty good. I mean, they've got horribly bad Japanese dialogue, but they're getting close.

I'm sure there are others, but I forget. At any rate, they only make half ass movies at this point. Maybe some day production value will lean more towards an movie-like experience, but at what point do you quit being a game and become a movie? So whatever.

p.s. Hollywood - Quit it!

> You don't see books being completly butchered and re-written from scratch for a
> movie adaptation in the same level as they do games now do you?

Of course you do. I would consider it worse, actually. When a writer writes something, they have a point in mind- something that they want to communicate. They're not game developers writing a paragraph of story on the inside of a game manual so it seems like their game has some backstory.

So, when books are butchered (and 99.9% of them are), it's more of an affront because someone actually THOUGHT about the words going down on the page.

Okay, so maybe all that's over the top, but still. Video games are fucking stupid. They're about PLAYING, not translating to movies.


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