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SubjectI need helpgot myself into a '3some' situation but don't know how? Reply to this message
Posted byTrizae
Posted on12/14/04 09:02 AM

Now i'm not trying to chew you motherfuckers ears off (or eyes in this case so use whatever voice in your head that reads out the text you read to interpret what I might sound like typing this etc...ANYWAY) aight story sorta goes like this few weeks ago I'm at my house chillin doin nothin much but bummin round after hard weekends of partyin etc (Schoolies etc which is our australian version of your spring breaks and stuff) alot of wild shit happened over that period so it was good to be home.

Anyway right I'm home bout 2 go out wit my 2 close friends mike n jeff and my older brother his girl and a couple of their friends whurr headin out 2 go watch a movie the 'grudge' I think it was. Anyway I was sleepin my lazy ass off n stuff waitin for the nite 2 go out with the fellaz and realised that they (brother n girl) came home, anyway I had the phone in my room n shit anyway long story short phone rang blah blah was brothers gf's so it was a hot night mind you so anyway I walk out half naked half asleep (was doin gym n shit too before I headed back to bed ;-P ) and I walk into a sitting room full of girls! I was half asleep and all I had was my jockeys on and after I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I realised n was like "what the faaaaaaaark...." anyway the reaction from em was favourable and I needed to get ready anyway but this one girl caught my eye. Anyway long story short she turns out to be brothers friends girlfriends 'baby' sister (she's like 17 I'm 19) anyway lets fast forward left to go out with mates introduced myself briefly 2 the girl and her friend and thats it left went out and thats the end of that day.

Now brings me to the next time I saw them which was the followin weekend, anyway I had another date where I had to meet this chick for a movie n stuff back in the burbs (this chick is fine but a story for another CA write up) so I got all kitted up n dolled up like one of them sexy motherfuckers anyway my brother n that were throwin a barbeque/pool party type thang on the roof at our apartment complex but I couldn't stay, but before I was gonna leave to head down bro's gf told me that the girl was rockin up with her older sister later on so I decided to hang round for a bit so I could sorta get to know her n shit cause she caught my eye...anyway hours go past drinkin some beers n shit talkin nonsense with my bro so I check the time and I really gotta start makin tracks so I can head down to my old area. Anyway I start leavin and JUST as I start leaving they arrive in the older sisters car when I was walkin down the road so I could go catch the train n shit, anyway get out of the car they say hey and the girl comes out with hurr friend n stuff so I say hey n shit and the older sister (i've known her for a while didn't even know she had a little sister!) asks where i'm goin n shit and I say i'm off to go watch a movie with this chick n shit and i'm almost runnin late so I couldn't stay, anyway fast forward movie was mad the chicks ass was rotund in this mother so I was one happy nigga so I head home its about 12 at night get home train trip home brothers gf rings n says Nita's waitin n shit to meet you n all that and i'm like "i'm on my way" n shit but when I get thurr she's just left but I notice on the kitchen table is a napkin with her number on it so I sms'd her and yea.
Anyway i've been messagin her n shit for a few days now and we are meetin up tommorrow and get this her friend anu was wit her and their both fine pieces of ass if I can say so myself is always with her when i've seen them briefly anyway she tells me that their both all tight n shit and msg's me sayin if its ok if anu comes along? and I'm like shit hey man I don't mind so I msg her back saying "Ey sexc watup I don't mind havin a 3some, should be fun" I just said that shit to see what would happen as a joke to myself and she msg's back "Lol.. U want it like tat huh ;oD?? Yer cool we will come down!! So wed (wednsday) on den? :O)" and basically little banter here and there and she messages me with shit like year my friend Anu thinks ure HOT and I do to and all this shit bout my sexy ass (ahem) n shit condonin somethin with the 3 of us. there's alot more shit said and done but I feel i'm chewin my ear off anyway advice motherfuckers? I don't really quite understand how this is happenin but its real though so wtfaaaaaaark

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.I need helpgot myself into a '3some' situation but don't know how?  Trizae12/14/04 09:02 AM
.*You've come this far by just chillin' and kidding around, just take it to the home stretch. NT  Death Knight12/14/04 09:45 AM
.*if they both come over so be it....  SilentAce12/14/04 09:19 AM