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SubjectShut the fuck up, Walter *nt* Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on12/14/04 11:49 PM

> > OMG, they could start using these bad swear words! No, wait, they already do,
> > just like you.
> I don't ever swear around my 4 1/2 year old. I don't think that I will, until
> he's of an adult age.
> > At 13, kids nowadays know more bad words than I do. If some don't, they are
> > probably living in another world, invented by their parents. I don't think
> > swearing makes people bad, but come on: in the United States it's fashionable
> to
> > demonize silly stuff. Pussies. Being grown up means going past what's wrong
> and
> > seeing why it's wrong, not avoiding it altogether. People should learn to
> > educate their children, not hiding stuff from them. And then let them decide
> > what they think, because face it, they're people, not pets.
> So I should probably start telling him tomorrow about the horrors of war? Maybe
> show him some rape video? How about we review why, exactly, Scott Peterson is
> going to die? It'll be fun to review how he killed his wife and mommy of his
> unborn baby! Then I could show him some cheery pictures of the halocaust. Then
> later we could fall asleep to some ass porn intermixed with snuff films. I mean,
> he's going to learn it all anyway, so I might as well expose the shit out of him
> now, right? As long as I educate all about it, it should be fine.
> Given the state of our world, you are absolutely right - kids are exposed to
> this stuff everyday. Why would I voluntarily expose him to more? You're correct
> in thinking understanding is the cornerstone of bringing up kids properly, but
> that doesn't mean I need to expose him to shitty music around the house.
> Maybe if he was around 15 I wouldn't care as much about the occasional fuck in
> his bad album, but that's not the point. The point is - someone is at fault for
> allowing parents to think they were buying a clean album when they were not.
> Whether you or I think it's okay to expose kids to it is irrelevant.

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