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SubjectJesus fucking Christ on a pogo-stick Cachi, you're really stretching it aren't you... Reply to this message
Posted byDeath Knight
Posted on12/15/04 06:58 AM

> > Please. Rape is a physical assault on another person. This is not similiar
> to
> > language taboo.
> >
> > Just look at the results of language taboo. Kids and adults constantly use
> "bad
> > words" among their friends and such. It's a mockery of our language. There
> > have been no signs of rape caused by people telling kids not to do it because
> > they know it's wrong since it hurts people. They can find no reason why
> certain
> > words are wrong to say, and so they say them constantly in defiance of the
> > taboo.
> Last I checked, rape was about exhibiting your power to hurt people. Kids break
> the rules all the time. Swearing is just one of the easiest ways to do that. Not
> pointing out that these words are socially unacceptable doesn't take away their
> power. Society deems whether they have power or not. So to try and say that kids
> are more likely to say them because their parents don't let them is silly. It's
> society making the rules.
Regardless of the defiance factor, grasp the situation of a kid's development. As much as he learns to use "mommy" as a 2yo, he'll learn to use "fuck" as a teenager. It's just the learning process. Like Terry said, it's society that made these words taboo, sheltering your brats from the likes of portions of the vocabulary is only empowering the "bad words". How is yelling out a FUCK when you bang your toe on a door, or when somebody pisses you off a terribly evil thing? It's a vent for the anger and frustration we all face daily. Kids lerning to speak are gonna fuck up the use of any word untill someone teaches them propper, the same can be said about the more colorfull expressions. People are still learning, from the day they are born to their deaths, it's your job as a parent to teach 'em while they can't learn by themselves, and provide them with the means to do so later on, but you can't be there at every turn ,and they'll fuck up one way or another, 'cause they're just as dumb as you once were. I kinda lost track of what i was saying here, but nevermind, point is: shielding your kid excessivly is only gonna make him a bigger dumbass down the line.

> Kids emulate the environment they grow up in. If I was swearing around the
> house, letting them watch R rated movies, etc., they are more and more likely to
> repeat that behavior. I should hope that my kid is smart enough to not throw
> around those words in a job interview, but yes - letting him know it's okay to
> speak less than properly will be a detriment at one time or another. Since
> there's already a billion things in this world that will try and hold him back,
> why would I create another?
My God, were you always wind this tight or did that bug crawl up your ass after you sired a kid? What world are you living in that people have no control over their own choice of words in a conversation?
Take me for instance: My parents never cursed around the kids, hell, they barely ever cursed at all. Nowadays, i curse my ass off, but i'm perfectly aware of when and how to use these colorfull expressions, and in a situation in which it's so required, i can retain that portion of my vocabulary and still express myself in a throughly eloquent manner.
As a parent, it's not your job to shield your kids from the "bad" things in life, it's to teach their still dumb little noggings as to how to properly live amongst other people, if they fuck up at one point or another, hell, we're human, we were made to fuck up on occasion.

And i just gotta say, your comparasion of teaching your kids about "bad words" to such horrors as rape, the holocaust and what have you is just about the most over the top reactionary bullshit i'd expect to hear from the likes of ignorant, pruddish soccer mom types. I had the feeling that everyone around here was more enlightened and open minded than what the media portrays of the average american. Honestly, you sound like a bad stereotype my friend.

Gives us a kiss precious.

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