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Subjectfuck Reply to this message
Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on12/15/04 10:29 AM

> My God, were you always wind this tight or did that bug crawl up your ass after
> you sired a kid? What world are you living in that people have no control over
> their own choice of words in a conversation?
> Take me for instance: My parents never cursed around the kids, hell, they barely
> ever cursed at all. Nowadays, i curse my ass off, but i'm perfectly aware of
> when and how to use these colorfull expressions, and in a situation in which
> it's so required, i can retain that portion of my vocabulary and still express
> myself in a throughly eloquent manner.
> As a parent, it's not your job to shield your kids from the "bad" things in
> life, it's to teach their still dumb little noggings as to how to properly live
> amongst other people, if they fuck up at one point or another, hell, we're
> human, we were made to fuck up on occasion.

I don't consider keeping my kid from swearing in the house, and being exposed to certain media before I consider him to be able to handle it properly shielding. That's good parenting. It's not like I'm going to keep him in his room until he's 18, I'm just choosing to not overexpose him to unecessary vulgarity, like some stupid band saying fuck in their song for no reason.

And I stand by my point - if I'm swearing everyday in the house, his tendency will be to emulate my actions. There's enough ill-speaking people out there that I don't have to create another. And I'm not talking about kids that are old enough to distinguish well between the two. And if his friends are swearing or whatever when he's still a kid and he wants to talk like that, fine. But is it so bad to teach a kid that you don't need to use words like that at all, and in fact, it's probably a good thing in the end?

> And i just gotta say, your comparasion of teaching your kids about "bad words"
> to such horrors as rape, the holocaust and what have you is just about the most
> over the top reactionary bullshit i'd expect to hear from the likes of ignorant,
> pruddish soccer mom types. I had the feeling that everyone around here was more
> enlightened and open minded than what the media portrays of the average
> american. Honestly, you sound like a bad stereotype my friend.

How is not exposing my kid to vulgarity un-enlightened? It's not like I'm harassing anyone for being vulgar. Shit, I'm not even saying I shouldn't, or my kid shouldn't (except in situations where I teach him it's unacceptable). I don't think that's close-minded. And while my example may be extreme, where do you draw the line?

To group all Americans in that same stereotype because you've got swearing and tits on your TV in your country or whatever is silly. It comes back to the same thing- they're going to be exposed to it at one point or another, so hell, let's just do it now, right? I don't even have a problem with media like TV being uncensored (if it ever comes to that), because I'm going to make the decision for my child until he becomes of age to handle it maturely. I don't consider that close-minded, I consider that good parenting.


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