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Subjectand there are awesome posts Reply to this message
Posted bynewsdee
Posted on12/27/04 02:27 PM

From a mod:

In reply to:

Oh by the way, try and sue me too. Please. Cuz, you see if you did... I'd get your RL name, address, phone number.... and oh, what fun we could have with that! Starting with the phone call to your parents (at the same number, of course). "You know that smell of human spunk and the palpable air of crushing despair coming from your son's computer? Guess what he's been doing..." Can't you imagine the look of horror and disappointment on their faces as they gaze upon their son, and with the new knowledge that you've been decorating your monitor with manmilk while banging out porn scripts with a 35 year old virgin with poor hygiene pretending to be a girl, realize that they've completely and utterly failed as parents? Then when I tell your neighbors, you'd be the disgrace of your entire trailer park, and would have no recourse but to kick out the blocks behind your double-wide and let it roll over you, with one sickening crunch bringing you the sweet, sweet release from this tormented existence.

[download a life]

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