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Subjectreading biased reports is never fun Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on01/06/05 09:52 PM


Now watching it live thanks to a streaming web feed...now THAT'S fun. Recorded the whole show and then converted it to MKV so that you can jump around and seek and shit. If you want to, you can cut the part out that you want and upload it to the internets for shitholes like Ebaumsworld to pick up and watermark as if they capped it themselves.

Please note, it's strictly against Overburn's wishes to direct link the torrent file outside of the shack, which is why i linked the post instead. I'll be seeding this for the next 24 hours or so before I upload it to my webspace, so it'd be hot if ya'll jumped on and helped a nigah out.

(the part you biased assholes want to see is about an hour and 13 minutes into it)

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