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SubjectMaybe, I dunno Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on01/08/05 03:20 AM

I suppose it's possible, since my iPod is the only FireWire device I own. It's not like it happens every time I turn the computer on; I just found it really odd and amusing that the only time XP ever shits itself is when I have my iPod (from Apple--We Make Software That Doesn't Crash) plugged in. In fact, it took all of 15 minutes for iPod and iTunes to blue screen my box after first install.

> I meant you'd probably be seeing a lot more BSODs if it weren't for the fact
> that MS changed program exceptions to an error reporting system.

Well, yes, but that's because 98 (and 95 and ME, although I never touched an ME box to find out if it had a blue screen on the off chance that whatever ME had was transmissible through contact, like a cold) was a steaming pile of shit that didn't know how to recover from a serious program error. OTOH, I wouldn't even have this problem with 98, because 98 has sub-minimal FireWire support, and probably even less USB 2.0 support.

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