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SubjectWhat does everyone here think about EA/NFL? Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on01/19/05 05:22 AM

EA gave the NFL hundreds of millions (read from 300 to 500) to be the exclusive NFL game provider for the next five years.

And just in case, they also locked up the AFL (Arena football league) so ESPN/Sega has no choice now but to release an unlicensed football game, or do something crazy like the CFL or high schools or something.

I don't know if you guys are into sports games, but basically it was Madden and ESPN going toe to toe for best football game, with Madden winning the sales war but ESPN getting better reviews. ESPN even had a brand new $19.99 price point this year to try and take over, maybe that's what prompted this?

Personally, I have both, but I liked the ESPN version better because I loved the Dreamcast versions back when it was NFL2k series (Probably the reason I bought a DC). And you just can't run on Madden, it's all passes.

I don't mind EA stuff, they do a good job on the Lord of the Rings and Sims, but it sucks that we don't get the best product we can because they can do this. This is like old school Coleco tactics or something...

I sure wish Techmo would release a "retro version of Techmo Super Bowl

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