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SubjectI finally bought an XBox - EDIT Reply to this message
Posted byTerry Bogard
Posted on01/25/05 08:19 PM

Sadly I had to buy a new one, so it's probably 1.6 (or 1.6b) and I'll have to open it to mod it. This sucks, because Halcyon told me how to soft-mod older revisions, but I really didn't want to risk and buy a 2nd-hand xbox from some random guy.

Next is the modchip. I've read the stuff SilentAce wrote about the SpiderChip and I think it's supercool, but sadly there's no official distributor for Italy at the moment, so unless it's cheap (SilentAce: how much?) and someone is willing to buy it for me and send it along (but I guess oversea packages are very expensive), I'll have to solder like there was no tomorrow. I hope it's not a big deal, because fucking with a brand new console would suck deeply.

Would someone kindly suggest what modchip should I buy? Here's my choice. I was considering the Aladdin XT or the DUOX2, but if I'm not wrong I will need a separate LPT programmer to flash the bios chips... I've seen the Executer3 and the Xenium, they are probably much better, but look at how much they cost... are they worth the silly price? Do I need 15 bioses? I don't have extra money, so I'll buy what I need, no more. The hardware guy today asked me over 15 euro for two torx screwdrivers... what part of them is made of gold, exactly?

Any suggestion about modchips (and anything else that comes to your mind) will be appreciated.

Oh, don't forget to throw in tips about good games, and links to other xbox software (media players, dashboards, stuff).


EDIT: found someone selling spiderchips, looks like I won't solder after all. The prices are better, too. Click here, then Xbox->Linux Loading, and you'll see more choice. Unless somebody produces a good reason not to do so, I'm buying the Spiderchip.


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