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Posted byHalcyon
Posted on02/20/05 12:37 PM

But it's not like Squaresoft is updating Chrono Trigger so why not let them have at it?

> Of course they were going to get crushed. If they had an iota of common sense
> they would have realized that the whole project was a waste of time and that
> they needed to make their own generic anime characters unless they wanted the
> royal assraping from Squaresoft.

Yeah, but it'd be nicer to have a remake of a classic. It sounds like these people weren't really equipped to write an original project. Like some people that train their musical skills by remixing music, programmers train themselves by emulating other programs before they try and create something original. Besides, a lot of people would have rather had 3D Chrono Trigger than Chrono Cross, maybe this is a way of realizing that.

I guess they can try that now though!

> Their whole idea that they'd come up with this project and then hope to get
> hired to make the full game

Was that it?

> was just a little kid's fantasy and I'm honestly
> surprised that they were allowed to continue on as long as they were, being as
> open as they were about the project.

I guess if anything they should have kept it a secret until they had something to release.

> Not like it much matters anyway, it wasn't even a full game that they were
> working on, just a tech demo of a few scenerios from the original game in 3d.

Oh, I would have actually liked to see a remake of that game in 3D. I'd also like to see those remakes of the Final Fantasy games Square had been talking about forever.

> maybe having their precious baby stomped on by the big man knocked some fucking
> sense into them and maybe they're knee deep in a new and original project.
> Probably not, though... watch them reveal their 3d Dragonball Z RPG next.

As long as it's an RPG, the PC is lacking many good ones. A homebrew 3D RPG engine would be cool, too.

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