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SubjectRe: Maybe Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on02/20/05 01:05 PM

> But it's not like Squaresoft is updating Chrono Trigger so why not let them have
> at it?

If they let them do it then they open the floodgates for anyone to take a crack at it. They were just protecting their property.

> Yeah, but it'd be nicer to have a remake of a classic. It sounds like these
> people weren't really equipped to write an original project.
> Besides, a lot of people would have rather had 3D Chrono Trigger than Chrono
> Cross, maybe this is a way of realizing that.

Probably because Chrono Cross sucked
I don't doubt that a remake would be nice, I just think that they never should have wasted their time on this project, and I agree that they should have kept it secret until their tech demo was done

> > Their whole idea that they'd come up with this project and then hope to get
> > hired to make the full game
> Was that it?

Yep, that was the driving force behind the project

> Oh, I would have actually liked to see a remake of that game in 3D. I'd also
> like to see those remakes of the Final Fantasy games Square had been talking
> about forever.

They'd never come out in america, so it doesn't matter. I'd like to see the remakes of Dragon Quest IV and V come out in the US at some point, but that's about as likely as these guys getting permission from SquareEnix to continue their work ~a year after they originally killed it

> As long as it's an RPG, the PC is lacking many good ones. A homebrew 3D RPG
> engine would be cool, too.

You're smoking crack. The PC is flooded with quality RPGs, just not console RPGs (which work better on a console anyways). The Baldur's Gate games would never be successful on the console if they didn't retool them to be souped up versions of Gauntlet. Same for Fallout. Not saying console RPGs are worse, just that they come across as more advanced adventure games than they do as role playing games.

It still pains me that Anachronox was released on PC where no one would pay any attention to it, similar to how Wizardy : Tale of the Forsaken land was released on PS2 where no one (in america) could be arsed with it. A first person dungeon crawler? Fuck that.

You may be interested in the new Freedom Force vs The Third Reich game, though.

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