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SubjectRe: Maybe Reply to this message
Posted byHalcyon
Posted on02/20/05 03:37 PM

> If they let them do it then they open the floodgates for anyone to take a crack
> at it. They were just protecting their property.

I realize the principal of the thing, it just sucks that this is the way it has to be.

> > Oh, I would have actually liked to see a remake of that game in 3D. I'd also
> > like to see those remakes of the Final Fantasy games Square had been talking
> > about forever.
> >
> They'd never come out in america, so it doesn't matter.

Translation patches would be so easy, we already have translated dialogue...

> I'd like to see the
> remakes of Dragon Quest IV and V come out in the US at some point, but that's
> about as likely as these guys getting permission from SquareEnix to continue
> their work ~a year after they originally killed it

And the chance of a handheld translation is becoming slimmer and slimmer...

> You're smoking crack. The PC is flooded with quality RPGs, just not console RPGs

That's what I meant, it's lacking in that genre, and this game could have provided a good homebrew engine for making such games. Anachronox is good, someone stole my copy so I never got to play much of it. I'd play more if there were more like it. Too bad they fucked up the ports of FF7 and FF8 but I guess cracking the PC gaming market doesn't provide enough money to be an incentive to do well. Plus exclusive deals with console makers don't usually leave much room for these.

> A first person dungeon crawler? Fuck that.

Yeah a lot of people realized with Shining Force and Phantasy Star just how boring that could get. You're talking to someone who completed both... But wouldn't exactly want to do it again.

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