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Subjecthit on her cousin -nt- then try and get 2 male goats to have sex Reply to this message
Posted byChachiSqrPants
Posted on03/07/05 05:26 PM

> What would you do in these circumstances?
> My (female) boss had a cousin (also female) who was going through a divorce.
> Cousin & ex had bought a laptop between them, but he'd used it 99% of the time.
> When he left / got kicked out, she kept it.
> The laptop had Win2K on it & was password protected so it was useless to her -
> my boss asked me if there was anything I could do so that her cousin could make
> use of this laptop, seeing as she'd paid for half of it.
> I took it away & within minutes had gotten into the administrator account &
> reset all passwords - only problem was you couldn't fail to notice it was
> bursting at the seams with porn. Now I wasn't snooping here, but when there are
> files all over the desktop you can't fail to notice. Nothing illegal, it was
> mostly amateur stuff and a brief look (well, you'd have to wouldn't you)
> revealed that he had obviously at least been trying (if not successfully getting
> away with) using chatrooms & message boards for soliciting extra-marital sex.
> I don't really know my boss that well (she'd been here 3 months) and don't know
> her cousin at all. Seeing as she's in the process of divorcing this fella the
> fact that he's been up to such things may warrant a mention during divorce
> proceedings. The question is...what do you do?
> Would you hand it back, poon and all & say nothing of what's on there (ie:
> pretend you didn't notice)?
> Would you hand it back, porn & all, and warn your boss what's on it?
> Would you remove the porn without any mention & spare everyone's blushes?
> Would you feign failure in getting past the passwords, wipe the hard drive &
> reinstall an operating system?


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