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Subjectback from hell Reply to this message
Posted byLord Ashram
Posted on03/27/05 07:55 PM

so, some of you may or may not have noticed that i disappeared off the interweb. well last week i thought i had the flu, apparantly not. i ended up getting a virual infection that caused major complications that ended up with me in the hospitol so sick and dehydrated that i was almost dead by the time i got to the hospitol. though i could type a long ass story on the whole ordeal, i'll just type what i think would be the only part that you'd find any amusement.
at one point i had an i.v. in my right arm and also in my right inner thigh next to my dick. that's right, i had nurses touching my dick to do their job, with enuff liquids being pumped into my body that you could fill a pool or anus.

anyways if it wasn't for a certain doctor, i'd still be in the hospitol for probably another week due to the actions attempted by another certain bitch for a doctor. anyways the good doc was able to get me released from the hospitol so i could actually spend some time with my family on this easter.

btw, you all are still very very gay!

your name is bitch, and i own you!

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