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SubjectStay away Reply to this message
Posted bydean
Posted on05/05/05 04:51 PM

Reznor usually backs up appealing music with good lyrics that parallel the music. In this albums, it's pitifully rehashed themes without even fresh lyircs; even they are repeated way too much in the album.

Repetitive lyrics that are good are not really bothersome, but these are not good.

The music behind it is generally good but unemotional. I have to agree with Snowball about most of what he said, but I think it should be noted that PHM wasn't meant to be a pop album before the record execs got to him, or at least not as much. I think it ironically forced him to do more work and make the album better, though the comparable versions of songs on the original album were generally better.

lo que sucede sucede

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