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SubjectInteresting NIN facts. FACTS I TELL YA Reply to this message
Posted byLordEvilElmo
Posted on05/06/05 04:19 AM

The Fragile is good but only in parts; Stuff like Starfuckers Inc. just make me cringe at the self-absorbtion.

Broken is great apart from Physical (You're so).

Downward Spiral is still great in my mind.

PHM Is good 80s trash.

Trents stuff with Bowie is the highpoint of his career.

Bowies stuff with Trent is his lowpoint.

Trent sounds like saying Trench when you have a cold.

Trent Donkey punches women whilst listening to the song 'Rawhide'

Trent and Rawhide are intrinsically and bafflingly linked, much in the same way that Rammstein are linked with 'Hee-Haw'

NINs original name was going to be 'Playing the harpsichord'

NIN is the same when spelt backwards.

'I' is the middle word of 'NIN'

INN is an anagram of NIN

So is NNI, which is a sound I make when I poop

Some people just don't like NIN - Some people do.

Arguing about a hugely popular band is silly; There are no winners or losers, just Audiophiles with a feeling of self-worth.

When twilight dims the skies above
Recalling thrills of our love
There's one thing I'm certain of
I will...
to old...

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