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SubjectWeird crop of Next gen stuff Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on05/22/05 11:02 AM

Kinda reminds me of how everyone did their own thing back in the heyday of 16 bit/cd stuff.

You had TG-16 with the little bitty cards and the portable version of the console, 3D0, Jaguar, CD-I and Sega CD all pushing the tech envelope without any games to back it up, and the 32X which was essentially a catch-up to SNES graphics for the Genny. In the end though, the best games won out, not the prettiest.

I don't know what to make of Nintendo now. On 64 and Gamecube, the good titles were very few and far between, and that seems to be the way they're going to go even more with the Revolution. X-Box really was limited is quality titles as well.

And as retro loving as I am, even I feel that they have now beat the dead horse that is old NES games commercially 4 or 5 times (SNES Mario collection, GBC Mario remake, GBA classics line, even Animal Crossing NES games, etc). The fact that they might try to sell Mario 3 to the public AGAIN really comes off as greedy and smug. Just put them all on one disc and sell it for the GC already like was promised way back when.

Sony is all about sequels apparently from their announced lineup (MGS4, Killzone 2, etc). Is there just no more creativity in gaming? I may be forced back to PC games, that is the ones that aren't fantasy MMO and FPS.

And it's so typical for Sony to show super polished pre-rendered FMV as ingame video. All of the three do this (MS photshoppng lens flare into screencaps, GC Mario 128 demo), but not as blatant perhaps as this.

And the rumored price points of these things....I'm a huge gaming fan but $460 for a system is truly insane. I haven't missed a console upgrade in my life, but I refuse to pay $300, let alone more, for a video game console that likely will be more flash than substance.

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